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  • New Study: Speeding is Leading Cause of Fatal Car Accidents

    Posted By Todd Miner Law || Aug 16, 2019

    For years, researchers have scrutinized car crash statistics to find insight about the most pressing dangers on U.S. roads, as well as where and when they’re the highest. Thanks to their work and the efforts of safety advocates behind awareness campaigns, most Americans are well aware that certain types of negligence behind the wheel increases accident risks – whether that’s driving distracted, ...
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  • Dram Shop Laws & Drunk Driving: Bar & Host Liability in Florida

    Posted By Todd Miner Law || Aug 2, 2019

    Most people are familiar with civil and criminal laws regarding drunk driving: Drive intoxicated and you can be charged with a crime; hurt someone while driving drunk and you can be held liable for their damages. In a perfect world, personal injury claims arising from drunk driving accidents would play out in as straightforward a manner as mentioned above. Unfortunately, that’s not always how it ...
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