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  • What Your Injury Lawyer Will Need to Evaluate Your Case

    Posted By Todd Miner Law || Jan 26, 2015

    When you meet with me about your car, truck, tractor-trailer or motorcycle accident, there a few items that will help me evaluate your case. I do not expect you to have all of these. In fact, most of this you will not have. This is not a problem though because we will obtain everything necessary. Police Report If you were involved in a car, truck, or motorcycle accident, it is likely that the ...
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  • The Impact of Trauma on Your Peace of Mind

    Posted By Todd Miner Law || Jan 22, 2015

    A traumatic experience, whether it is at work, on the road, or at home, can result in a variety of different problems. When you are involved in a car accident or any other similar situation, it is a good idea to work with an Orlando personal injury attorney who can help get you the compensation you deserve for expenses related to the psychological impact from the accident. Constantly Remembering ...
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  • Work-Related Illnesses May Qualify for Workers' Compensation

    Posted By Todd Miner Law || Jan 7, 2015

    Workers’ compensation covers more than just work-related accidents. An increasing number of work-related illnesses are being approved by the courts to be covered under an employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. Examples of work-related illnesses include emotional illness, stress-related digestive problems, and inhalation illnesses. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, nearly three ...
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