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  • How to Avoid Vacation Injuries

    Posted By Todd Miner Law || May 31, 2014

    When you go on vacation with your family, you want to enjoy your time and bring back many memories. However, if you are not careful, you could wind up with a vacation injury and need to contact an Orlando injury attorney . Before you leave for vacation, keep these tips in mind and come back with nothing but great memories: Obey Traffic Laws – Learn as much as you can about the traffic laws of the ...
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  • What to Do After Suffering a Dog Bite Injury

    Posted By Todd Miner Law || May 27, 2014

    Not many things are more frightening than being bitten by a dog. Whether the dog belongs to a friend or wanders up on the street, you may need medical attention and will need to take care of other issues too. If you find yourself or someone you love in this situation, these simple tips will help: Quietly remove yourself from the situation when possible, to avoid the dog biting again. Do not chase ...
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  • Will a Personal Injury Attorney Make a Difference?

    Posted By Todd Miner Law || May 17, 2014

    Every year, hundreds of Orlando residents sustain personal injuries as a result of accidents for which they are not at fault. Many of these accidents cause tremendous financial pressure on the victims due to the cost of medical care for their injuries. If you have been injured in an auto accident, it isn’t necessary for you to carry the physical, mental and financial burden of your situation ...
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