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  • Food Poisoning is No Joke

    Posted By Todd Miner Law || Dec 30, 2014

    Florida’s food system is a strict collaboration between multiple municipal, state, and federal departments of government. They are responsible for setting guidelines and ensuring that manufacturers, distributors, and food handlers adhere to them. But inspectors cannot be everywhere at all times. Occasionally, the negligence of people in the food industry leads to product contamination that can ...
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  • Medical Malpractice: Failure to Diagnose

    Posted By Todd Miner Law || Dec 27, 2014

    When a surgeon amputates the wrong limb, removing the healthy one and leaving the diseased, it makes the news. Everyone recognizes this as a case of medical malpractice . Another type of malpractice, failure to diagnose, gets little publicity even though it accounts for nearly 40 percent of all medical malpractice cases. If you have been harmed by a physician’s failure to diagnose a serious ...
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  • Most Common Types of Personal Injury Cases

    Posted By Todd Miner Law || Dec 9, 2014

    When you are planning to hire a personal injury attorney, it can help if you have clarified that the type of case is appropriate for the lawyer’s area of specialization. By recognizing the common types of personal injury cases, it is easier to find the right attorney for your case. Auto Accidents Injuries that take place in a car accident are common. Even a minor accident can result in injuries ...
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  • Personal Injuries Related to Defective Products

    Posted By Todd Miner Law || Nov 25, 2014

    Requiring an Orlando personal injury attorney is not always for cases related to car accidents or injuries that take place in a specific business. In some cases, the injuries occur when a product is defective. When you are injured by a defective product , you may be entitled to compensation to pay for your medical expenses, rehabilitation, or other costs that are associated with your injuries. ...
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  • Understanding Florida's Dog Bite Statute

    Posted By Todd Miner Law || Nov 11, 2014

    According to the Center for Disease Control (CDC), 4.5 million Americans are bitten by dogs every year. Approximately 885,000 require medical attention and more than 27,000 require reconstructive surgery. Some people have died due to the seriousness of the dog bites . Although half of dog bite victims are children, people of all ages are vulnerable. Besides the physical injuries and psychological ...
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