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Choosing the Right Nursing Home for Your Loved One

Posted By Todd Miner Law || Oct 29, 2013

Many of the medical malpractice suits which are filed in cities all across the country are related to nursing home abuse. According to the National Center on Elder Abuse, more than five million elderly abuse cases were filed in the United States in 2010. The growing number of abuse cases is cause for concern as the elderly population in the United States is expected to continue growing as the baby boomers retire in record numbers.

Orlando injury attorney Todd Miner believes patients who have experienced pain and suffering due to nursing home abuse should receive compensation. It is possible that a lawsuit should be filed against both the nursing home and the individual staff member who inflicted the abuse against your loved one as soon as possible.

Get Money to Pay Medical Bills

It is important that the people who have suffered should receive all the money that they are legally allowed to collect. An experienced Orlando accident attorney will also make sure the nursing home prevents any future abuse against the facility’s current patients.

Research Each Nursing Home thoroughly Before Placement

It is extremely important for children and family members to properly research nursing homes before allowing a loved one to move in. Orlando accident attorney Todd Miner suggests making reference phone calls and talking to current residents of a nursing home as part of the research process.

What to Look for in a Nursing Home

A few of the most important things you should consider before placing a parent in a nursing home is the home’s reputation, services offered, and location of the facility. A court’s record check should also be performed to determine how many cases have been filed against a nursing home, and if there are currently any pending cases against the facility.

Common Nursing Home Complaints

It is almost impossible to ensure a nursing home facility will be free of abuse, and despite a facility’s reputation, certain staff members can still be negligent in the care of elderly patients. Todd Miner Law advises children of nursing home patients to always be on the lookout for abuse signs. These can include bed sores, bruises on the arms and wrists, broken bones, and infections.

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