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Product Liability Defenses

Defenses to a Product Liability Claim

If you have been injured by a badly designed or haphazardly manufactured product, you may be able to receive compensation by pursuing a product liability claim. However, this is usually not an easy undertaking. Most businesses are represented by knowledgeable legal teams that can put forward complex defenses. If you need repayment from a negligent manufacturer, you need the assistance of an Orlando defective product attorney.

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Grounds for Claim Denials

Companies that sell products are generally held to a standard of strict liability, which makes them automatically responsible for any unreasonably dangerous products they put on the market. However, there are circumstances in which a product liability claim can be dismissed, including:

  • Alteration of the product. If the defendant has evidence that you significantly altered the product after buying it, and that these alterations caused your injuries, you may not be eligible to receive compensation.
  • Adequate warning. Before you begin building your claim, you need to review the safety literature that was included with the product. If your use of the product violated any of the instructions or safety tips, the manufacturer may not be at fault.
  • Unpreventable dangers. Some products are inherently dangerous, such as power tools or sharp knives. If you were injured by such a product, you need to show that the manufacturer could not have reasonably made it any safer. If a court decides that your injuries were caused by an unavoidable danger inherent in the product, your claim could be denied.

Filing a successful personal injury claim requires anticipating and counteracting the most likely defenses. Fortunately, a product liability lawyer like Todd Miner has the knowledge and tools to help accomplish this.

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