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Gathering Evidence for Your Personal Injury Claim

Winning the compensation you need for losses inflicted on you by a negligent party is rarely an easy pursuit. Defendants in personal injury claims have many good reasons to fight back against plaintiffs’ accusations; not only are they facing monetary losses, but they could also experience extensive damage to their reputations. Winning personal injury damages requires clear evidence of your injuries and the defendant’s negligence.

When preparing a personal injury claim, the number of details to remember and tasks to complete can seem overwhelming. Fortunately, an experienced lawyer can help you remain on top of things while avoiding common pitfalls. To schedule a free initial consultation with an Orlando personal injury attorney, call Todd Miner Law today.

Identifying Evidence that Can Help Your Case

The key to a successful personal injury claim is extensive documentation of the accident in question and all of its consequences.

Items of evidence that can help increase your chances of success include:

  • Medical records detailing the injuries you have suffered and their required treatments
  • Employment records showing any missed work or reduced productivity
  • Records of payments you have made to doctors, counselors, mechanics, etc.
  • Photographs of your injuries and/or property damage resulting from the accident
  • Written or taped testimony from witnesses about changes in your life or health

Without concrete evidence, winning repayment from a reckless or negligent party can be very difficult or even impossible. Our Orlando personal injury law firm can inform you about the type and quality of evidence you will need while building your case.

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